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The E.Sun Library’s opening at the Xingfu Elementary School

 E.Sun Bank continued to implement its “E.Sun Golden Seed Project” to build libraries in rural schools. On the 5th of the September, there would be a grand opening ceremony for the E.Sun library at the XingFu Elementary School which library was the 67th of Taiwan, and the fourth of the New Taipei City. The New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu praised that E.Sun Bank was the model of the public welfare, and he also hoped that people could donate not only ambulances and handicap buses but also give out more libraries.

The E.Sun library’s launch ceremony would be officially declared by Mayor Chu, Mr. Huang Nanzhou, the general manager of E.Sun Bank, and Ms. Lu Suzhen, the principal of Xingfu Elementary School. The mayor and the school would present a thank you certificate to the E.Sun Bank, and singing and dancing performances of E.Sun Chorus and students were arranged.

Chu indicated that several media friends told him that they had a difficult time finding the school when he just arrived at the ceremony, which showed that many rural schools still existed in the metro Taipei areas. For example, the New Taipei City was very large, including metropolitan regions and many remote areas. Among these areas, the remote ones especially needed the support and caring from the society. He also mentioned that E.Sun Bank was the idol because it integrated the education with the social kindness to build the newest and the most modern libraries one by one in rural schools, so children could happily read, learn and grow up.

Chu said that the Xingfu Elementary School’s E.Sun library was the fourth one of the New Taipei City, and the first one was opened at Wanli Elementary School in the March of 2011, followed by Qingtan Elementary School at the Xindian District and the Zhonghu Elementary School at the Yingge District. He not only appreciated the E.Sun Bank’s donation, but also wished there would be more E.Sun libraries to be built in remote schools of the New Taipei City to help those schools to continuously develop, so children could see the world and walk toward the world.

Huang Nanzhou, the general manager of E.Sun Bank, represented that education can be accomplished with a hard-working spirit, and reading could help open children’s minds, so they could freely explore the world full of abundant knowledge with their wisdom. He admitted that there was a huge discrepancy between metro areas and countryside, but education and reading resources should be equally offered since children were like golden seeds, and if you supplied them with nutrient sand, clean water, warm sunlight as well as broad space, they would germinate and eventually grow into a tree. Lu Suzhen, the principal of Xinfu Elementary School, highly appreciated the gift from E.Sun Bank because it not only helped the school build up the library, but also offered a thousand books and an annual maintenance giving of twenty thousand dollars to the school; therefore, Xinfu Elementary School’s students were the happiest ones.