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Enjoy eating and Have fun during the Happy Shopping Time at Yonghe District

 To vitalize the commercial regions of the New Taipei City’s Yonghe District, the Yonghe District Office cooperated with nearby department stores and the Lehua Night Market vendors to host 2013 New Taipei City’s Yonghe District Happy Shopping Time with a variety of promotions and discounts. The New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu attended this event and highly praised that the Yonghe district is the best place for eating and having fun because it not only had all kinds of delicious food, but also had a Korean street full of exotic romance. He hoped that citizens could fully enjoy this event, and that could enhance the development of the Yonghe District.

Chu said that he met with Ms. Judy May Chu, the member of US congress, in the city hall not long ago, and she said she used to visit the Yonghe District when she was the Mayor of the City of Monterey Park in California. During the visit, she was really impressive about the delicious Yonghe soy bean milk, and Chu pointed out that this showed the fame of the Yonghe food.

The Yonghe District Office represented that the event of 2013 New Taipei City’s Yonghe District Happy Shopping Time would run from 9/7/2013 to 9/21/2013 for 15 days, and all civilians were welcome to enjoy the food, discounts and promotions. Moreover, there would have different themes and activities every week. People who shopped at the Yonghe District’s stores during the event could use their receipts to enter into a draw online. For a purchase with a receipt greater than NT$500 inclusively, the total prizes included a car, 10 scooters, 15 smartphones, 15 tablets and 15 televisions. For a purchase less than NT$500, the prizes consisted of 15 digital cameras and 100 certificates for Taipei to Seoul round trip air-tickets. Civilians could go to the website of http://www.2013happygo.com.tw/ to get more information.

The New Taipei City Deputy Speaker of Parliament Chen Hongyuan, the members of Parliament Lian Feifan and Jin Jieshou and the Yonghe District Executive Wu Xingbang all attended this event and welcomed people to visit the Yonghe District for fun.