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Mayor Chu praised the New Taipei City’s hero athletes’ and related groups

 With the courage, perseverance, cooperation, efforts, tears and honors, a group of hero athletes and associated groups attended the 2013 Hero Athletes Award Ceremony where Mayor Eric Chu awarded prizes to them one by one to encourage them to keep advancing their skills to elevate their performance, and he showed his thanks to their contributions to the New Taipei City at 6 p.m. on 9/10/2013.

Chu said that physical education was the source of a city’s vitality, and it was also a symbol of a city’s development; he hoped that it was not only just contesting, but also becoming an exercise habit for all citizens. He emphasized that promoting physical education and sports needed support from the society, and outstanding performances on sports were achievable by keeping making efforts. He truly appreciated those groups supporting sports, coaches, athletes, and those who made efforts for sports.

The Education Department represented that there would be 46 winners, including 23 people who made contributions, 2 contributive groups, 5 excellent coaches, 11 excellent athletes, 3 A-grade single-sport committees and 2 A-grade sports committees.

The Department of Sports said that there were many inspiring and respectful stories associated to the winners; for example, the contributive group – the New Taipei City’s Track and Field Committee diligently fostered talents, and the number of the medals won were ranked number one nationally; also, the excellent athlete – Xu Jialin just won the first runner-up in the World Taekwondo Championship, and the champion for the City Cup Taekwondo. This year he was again the chosen representative for the East Asian Games, and he may get a golden medal for Taiwan.

The New Taipei City Sports Federation director general – the member of congress Huang Zhixiong, and the member of the New Taipei City Council Lin Linlin, Wang Mingli and Liumeifang would all attend this grand event.