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I love pomelo – Mayor Eric Chu promotes Bali Dist.’s famous pomelo

 The 2013 New Taipei City Pomelo Festival started when participating citizens all simultaneously shouted the slogan – I LOVE U I love pomelo. New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu attending the opening ceremony for the event said that Bali Dist.’s pomelo is very sweet and fresh, and he strongly recommended people to go to Bali to taste it.

Chu represented that the yield of New Taipei City’s pomelo had been decreased by 45% this year due to the influence of typhoons, and despite the lower yield, the quality of the pomelo remained the same because of the insistence of farmers on good quality. Hence, the pomelo was very fresh and sweet, and he hoped that it could be sold for a good price.

Chu gave a certificate to those who won the award for good quality pomelo to praise their efforts. Chu said that Bali’s pomelo was continuously being improved by farmers’ hard work, and he believed that Bali’s pomelo would be nicer year by year.

The Agriculture Department of New Taipei City indicated that the city’s pomelo all had passed strict investigation, so it was healthy and fresh. The government would continuously offer pomelo farmers needed skills and services, so farmers could foster better pomelo.

New Taipei City Council Members Zheng-Dai Lixiang and Cai Jingxian also attended today’s event to diligently promote Bali’s pomelo.