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Wanli Crab Fair kicks off! Mayor Chu leads to taste the fresh

 How could you choose not to taste the fresh and juicy on-season Wanli crabs?! The fun Wanli Crab Fair began in North Shoreline areas on 10/12/2013. New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu ceaselessly praised the taste of the main dish - the on-site cooked meal of Sandian crabs, and he truly welcomed that everyone came to New Taipei City to taste the local delicious crab meal.

Mayor Chu ate delicious Taiwanese street banquet food for lunch with local residents next to Yehliu harbor, and he happily represented that Wanli crabs including Sandian crabs, Hua crabs and Shixun crabs all tasted differently, and they spread all over the North Shoreline. This year Wanli crabs were expanded to be promoted to Jinshan harbor, Shimen harbor and so on; moreover, by cooperating with nearby merchandisers in the neighborhoods of Downtown and MRT stations, it was hoped that more and more people could taste the delicious Wanli crabs.

Liao Rongqing, the Commissioner of Agriculture Department, New Taipei City, indicated that last year the cooperation of the City Government’s team had successfully marketed Wanli crabs. To continue promoting them this year, a series of activities would be held. By integrating with various resources, Wanli crabs were promoted as a brand, and it was continuously polished. Simultaneously Wanli District Fishermen’s Association, Chinese Fisheries Society and the City Government all worked together to incorporate local culture, sightseeing and delicious food to create more tourism attractions which would foster local economy and development as well as enhance local tourism industry, so hard-working fishermen could directly benefit.

The city’s Agriculture Department indicated that the activities of the fair were really fun and resourceful. There would be 400 people fitness walking across Wanli, 600 limited Wanli Crab lucky bags, local delicious Wanli Crab meal, a tour for local historical fishing villages and a series of challenge games for people to collect points to redeem for prizes. Also, civilians could go fishing in the sea with fishermen, and they could closely observe fishermen’s hard work; people who had participated all said the experience was amazing!


The Department said that did not feel disappointed if you had not come because there would be holiday auction markets held at Yehliu Harbor on 10/13, 10/19, 10/20, 10/26 and 10/27 for 5 days. There would also be some a-hundred-dollar auctions, so people were really welcome to come to get good deals and taste fresh crabs.