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New Taipei City jumped out of the counter to help disabled people be recruited

 The new job searching platform for disabled people, the first kind in Taiwan, integrated with human resources banks made job hunting more convenient! New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu co-signed the cooperation memo of “disabled people job searching platform” with well-known HR banks and friendly workplace enterprise representatives on 10/24/2013. Starting from 11/1/2013, a New Taipei City Government Disabled People Job Searching Area would be set up on the website of the HR banks, which would help disabled people search for jobs in friendly workplace companies, and the City Government would also offer full employment service to assist disabled people in being recruited.

Chu indicated that there were 150,000 disabled people in New Taipei City, and 95,000 of them had employment potential. The City Government currently had 22 shelters offering 480 job opportunities, and if more businesses were willing to help those people, more disabled people’s financial difficulties could be solved through those businesses and the employment resources of the HR banks.

“Being recruited for a disabled person was not only the biggest encouragement for himself or herself, but also a critical support power for his or her family” Chu said, and he also emphasized that it was the duty of the government to create employment opportunities for disabled people; it was also the government’s merit and virtue; however, it could not merely be done by the government itself, so he appealed enterprises to show their mercy to offer more job opportunities for disabled people via the platform.

Lin Yingjie, the staff of National Petroleum Corporation, was specifically invited to attend today’s event. Yingjie had some difficulties in cognizance and traffic learning, but through the patiently and warmly teaching and treatment of his supervisors and colleagues, he gradually became able to follow other people’s pace. He shyly said that the greatest happiness was to use the money he earned by himself to buy his own favorite food. Regarding about the adaptation to the job, he said that it was not tough nor tiring, which showed that he really cherished his job.

Labor Affairs Department indicated that the City Government became the first city in Taiwan to cooperate with HR banks which not only offered free job posting for disabled people and shared disabled people employment opportunity resources, but also promoted those resources. In the future, people with disability could gain employment opportunity information via those HR banks, and after the submission of their resumes, the Department could offer the employment service to those applicants immediately, including professional consultation, interview referral as well as workplace support, and it was estimated to help 500 people be recruited per year.

The Department emphasized that businesses recruiting more disabled people and releasing more employment opportunities could not only help disabled people live on their own, but also enhance enterprise image and fulfill social responsibility. The City Government would also offer several encouragement promotions, including bonuses for disabled people, redesign of positions and professional employment training. For more information, please contact the hotline 2967-5408.

The HR bank representatives: 104 Senior Vice President Hong Guangli, 1111 Vice President Lin Wanping, 518 General Manager Qiu Jianming, and friendly enterprise – National Petroleum Corporation President Lai Zhengshi, Huimeng President Lai Hongyi and Carrefour HR Director Wu Boyi all attended today’s event.