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The road constructions were gradually accomplished in Shulin

 The new construction – the stretch of Shulin Bridge across Da’an road that Shulin civilians had been looking forward for a long time began to operate at 15:30 on 11/2/2013. When New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu hosted the launch ceremony in the morning, he indicated that Shulin Bridge was a very important connection bridge between Banqiao and Huilong. To relieve the serious traffic jam during peak hours, the City Government started to plan in 2012, and the construction was completed on time by the efforts of the construction team. After the completion of the bridge, traffic flow could be relieved, and the wasting time of civilians’ on the traffic jam could also been decreased.

Mayor Chu said that the population in Shulin areas was getting more and more, so the needs for traffic construction were increasing too. The City Government first completed Ganyuan Second Bridge, Sandduo No.2 the first, the second and the third phases roads as well as Shulin No. 7-1 road. Now the MRT construction and Railway Rapid Transit Systematization were the targets. When all the associated traffic constructions were gradually completed, it was believed that the good developments of Shulin District could be expected.

The Public Works Department Commissioner Gao Zongzheng indicated that the intersection of Zhongzheng Road and Da’an road in Shulin District was very important intersection to connect Banqiao, XinZhuang, Huirong and Shulin Districts. The traffic flow was really jammed, and during peak hours the jam even happened to Fuzhou Bridge. The new construction could split car flows to increase the usage efficiency of that intersection, and it was estimated to save 15 minute driving time of drivers after the completion.

Commissioner Gao indicated that the length of the construction was about 400 meters, and the total expenditure was NT$ 157 million where Directorate General of Highways, Ministry of Transportation and Communications offered about NT$ 88 million, and the rest was on the City Government itself. The City Government planned to construct in 2012, and the construction was started on 7/6/2012. To earlier relieve traffic in that busy intersection mentioned, the route to Huilong direction was opened first on 7/6/2013, and because of the construction team actively tried to get the work done earlier, the whole route started to operate on 11/2/2013.

The Public Works Department specifically reminded drivers that after the overhead route was opened, for those drivers who wanted to use the overhead route to go to Banqiao or Huilong, they needed to switch to the inner lane ahead of time along the overhead section of the route to their destination. Motorcycles and scooters were prohibited in this overhead section. For motorcycle and scooter drivers, they should use the original route and drive along the outer lane to keep safe.

Parliament Member Huang Zhixiong and Council Members Chen Shirong, Gao Minhui, Hong Jiajun, Wang Mingli and Lin Mingren all attended the inaugural ceremony.