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Xinshehou Bridge in Xizhi now operational

 Xinshehou Bridge in Xizhi now operational

An Opening Ceremony was held for the newly constructed Xinshehou Bridge in Xizhi today (September 23). Xinshehou is the first bridge in the nation to host both vehicle and metro railway traffic; it was also designed with flood-prevention measures. New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu hosted the ceremony, and he says that Xinshehou not only solves the congestion problem on Zhongxin Road, but its second level will be part of the MRT Minsheng Line. The bridge has also flood-prevention capabilities, the mayor added.

Mayor Chu says that since New Taipei’s promotion to a municipality, the city has finished construction for bridges Xinchangan, Xinguan, Lianloudao, and now Xinshehou. These bridges act as measures against flooding and also serve as relief for nearby traffic congestion.

Mayor Chu says the public has shown great interest in the progress of the Minsheng Line. As of recent, Taipei City’s Department of Rapid Transit Systems has sent the comprehensive planning proposal to the Ministry of Transportation and Communication for review. New Taipei City Government will be working to coordinate the construction once the plans are approved. The mayor emphasizes that the second level of Xinshehou and pier studs will be integral to the Minsheng Line construction, and that early completion on these constructions will save time on later construction.

Public Work Department reports that Xinshehou Bridge and MRT began construction in August of 2013. The full length of the bridge is 161 meters, and it is the nation’s first “MRT-collaborative” bridge and it is also the longest two-level bridge in Taiwan. The lower level is vehicle traffic roaday, and the upper level is reserved for MRT Minsheng Line. Due to the need of bearing both automobiles and MRT carts, the construction required 5,300 tons of steel, which is twice as much as needed for a normal bridge of the same length.

Public Works Department indicates that to enhance the flood-prevention standard of Jilong River bridges, the city has been working to renovate old bridges and to improve on nearby traffic issues. The Xizhi District has completed the renovation of the connection between Zhongzheng Old Street and Xizhi’s Lianloudao Bridge; Xinshehou Bridge will not only improve upon local flood-prevention measures but will also provide relief to nearby traffic congestion. Additionally, the Department reports, pedestrian and bicycle trails have been reserved on the outer edge of the bridge, providing easier access for local residents and bicyclists.

Public Works Department says that once Xinshehou Bridge is open to traffic, the city will carry out more constructions, which include the migration of two Taipower power stations to underground locations, the completion of Tatung Road, and the renovation of the park trails for Fude First and Third roads. The Department expects all local constructions to be completed by the end of 2016, and the residents will see a new and improved city landscape.

For more information: Public Works Department; Yiming Lin; 1999 or (02)2960-3456 ext. 7755