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The exhibition of 2015 Community Development Achievement in New Taipei City

 The exhibition of 2015 New Taipei City Community Development Achievement was held on November 21in Banqiao 435 Art Zone. Deputy Mayor Hou addressed that community development can not only make citizens become much closer, but also can show our energy and multicultural characteristics. He encouraged all citizens to participate in community development.

When visiting this exhibition, Deputy Mayor Hou said that the achievements were accumulated by individual effort. Every citizen put themselves into community issues and works hard together so that can lead to such wonderful results. The experience is valuable and all citizens shared the glory and pride.

He also delivered that New Taipei City is a city with broad domain, enormous population, nature environment and different culture, these diversities create distinguishing communities and enrich our lives.

He took Banqiao 435 Art Zone for example. Banqiao 435 Art Zone used to be a desolate area before. New Taipei City integrated the resources and collaborated with community in order to create a brand-new art center and attract more visitors. Besides, they arranged several artistic activities for people every weekend.

Department of Cultural Affairs indicates that there were 32 communities invited to join the exhibition and ten of them performed on the stage. One of the acting group, Shanjia Community, from Shulin district, more than 20 elders wore Japanese kimono performing “Butterfly Girl of Nagasaki” which impressed the audience.

For more information: Department of Cultural Affairs;
Phone: 1999 or (02) 2960-3456 ext.4601