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Welcome to Realize Your Ideas of Social Enterprise in New Taipei City!

 New Taipei City has designed a program “5 Steps to Realize Your Idea of Social Enterprise” to encourage the start-ups to join social enterprises. The opening ceremony of the course was held on Jan. 18. We assisted 77 groups of social enterprise to strengthen their understandings, enhance marketing skills and create a new business model.


“5 Steps to Realize Your Idea of Social Enterprise” is the first comprehensive plan for social enterprises led by local government in Taiwan, which provides courses including the inspiration of social issues, knowledge sharing platform, practical workplace, etc. New Taipei City integrated the resources from Economic Development Department and Labor Affairs Department, also provided 15 top social issues from different aspects. By sharing the experiences, linking the partnership and accumulating the practical knowledge, we expect to establish a friendly environment for social enterprises.

For more information: Economic Development Department;

Phone: 1999 or (02) 2960-3456 ext.5538